AEL&P electrical safety video

AEL&P competes at annual Spokane race.

Credit from surplus energy sales applied to electric bills.

General Electric is phasing out CFL bulbs.

Outage trends:  2015 outage hours second lowest on record.

Outage kits:  Do you have what you need around the house?

Phone scams:  Never give out payment information over the telephone.

ENERGY STAR:  Energy-efficient lighting guide

Heating assistance programs available both for State and THRHA.

Drops to Watts:  Saving water saves Energy and Money

Good turnout for National Drive Electric Week photo op.

Avista announces grants to three Juneau community projects.

Attention CBJ seniors:  New tax-exempt cards in effect July 1, 2015.

Lower your electric bill with ENERGY STAR certified dryers.

Outages:  How it happens, and how we get your power back on.

Cut energy costs with this energy-saver guide.

Avista announces donations totaling $100,000 for six Juneau organizations.

Have you tried Paperless Billing?

Guard your expensive household electronics with quality power protection.

Three avalanche diversion structures guard the Snettisham towers.

Avista Corp. acquires Alaska Energy and Resources Co.

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