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We have Payment Locations all over Juneau.  You may place your checks either in the mail or in our drop boxes located at Juneau A & P, at Super Bear, or in the overnight drop at our drive-thru.  We also take payments between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. at our Lemon Creek office and drive-thru.

The Easy Pay option authorizes AEL&P to automatically debit your checking account monthly for the amount of your bill.  You choose the payment date.  For more information on this option, and for an authorization form Ö Click here.

A Levelized Payment Option offers customers a way to use the summer smaller bills to develop a credit toward the upcoming winter bills.  Customers interested in paying an equal amount each month should call us in April or May to set up this option.  Accounts with past due balances do not qualify. 


eCheck:  This option allows you to send a check or savings account payment from your computer.  You'll need your password to proceed, or you can have one assigned to you that will be sent via regular mail.  Once you're in the eCheck section, simply enter your bank account information and the amount of your payment.  Your payment will be processed the following bank/AEL&P business day.  There is no fee for this service.  AEL&P holidays

PaymentusThis third-party automated payment system lets customers pay their bills online or over the phone using a Visa or MasterCard.  Telephone transactions also include the option to pay with a checking account.  Please note that Paymentus carries a $2.95 convenience fee for each transaction up to $400.

DO YOU NEED A SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT?  Call us if you are ever in a situation where you are having trouble paying your bill and need to make a Special Arrangement.   As long as you maintain the payment plans we set up with you, we will extend reasonable credit.  Call us at 907-780-2222 if you need to talk to us.  If a payment agreement is written, it is your responsibility to make the scheduled payments. 

Missed payments can lead to issuance of a Shut-off Notice and potential disconnection where the account balance is either delinquent or a deposit is outstanding.  Commercial customers, please note that payment agreements are only offered at AEL&Pís discretion.


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