Beware the phone scam

Fraud is sadly a fact of modern life.  The same electronic conveniences that we use everyday to conduct our lives are also being used by thieves to gain access into personal bank accounts, etc.

As an example, some of our customers have recently received telephone calls from a person pretending to be from AEL&P.  In each case, this person attempts to get payment, account and personal information from the customer. 

To confirm a fraudulent call, simply ask the caller for the following information found on your bill (DO NOT provide any of this information to the caller):

  • Service Location #

  • Account #

  • Current balance

A fraudulent caller will not have this information.

To report a fraudulent caller, call the Juneau Police Department at (907) 586-0600, and AEL&P at (907) 780-2222.  Remember:  Never give out payment, account or personal information over the phone.

FBI Fraud website

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