Customers can view a printed/stamped tariff at our Lemon Creek Office.

Tariff Contents (sheet 1-7.1)

Map of Service Area (sheet 8)

Map of Service Area (sheet 8.1)

General (sheets 9-17)

Nature of Services Offered (sheets 18-19)

Types of Services (sheets 20-22)

Service and Safety Standards (sheet 23)

Technical Provisions and Standards of Service (sheets 24-28)

Service Conditions (sheets 29-40)

Extension of Facilities (sheets 41-71.1)

Service Connections (sheets 72-76)

Billing and Collection (sheets 77-96)

Special Services (sheets 97-98)

Liability of Company (sheets 99-100)

Schedule of Fees and Charges (sheets 101-173)


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