A 1,200-foot transmission line which runs through Snow Slide Gulch along Thane Road in Juneau is now buried underground and protected from the avalanche danger that gave the area its name.  AEL&P began the burial project this summer, hoping to end a run of avalanche-induced outages that have plagued the area for several winters.  The project was completed and the line energized in late September, although one transmission line is still above ground on wooden poles.

"Preventing these winter outages will cut down on costly diesel generation while our workers wait for safer conditions to make repairs," said AEL&P's Office Manager Gayle Wood.

She noted that the project should greatly reduce the potential for an extended loss of power from Juneau's main hydropower facility at Snettisham.  "This project will improve our reliability and save us all money in the long run," she said. 

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