Generation Report

July 2019

As of the end of June, the Juneau area has been downgraded from a Moderate Drought back to Abnormally Dry. The Juneau area reservoir levels are currently near normal for this time of year and are expected to continue to be unless late summer/fall precipitation is below normal as it was in water year 2018. 

Currently, all customers are on hydro. Dual Fuel and Princess Cruises are being served with 100% hydro. Greens Creek is taking partial hydro from us and running their own generation in parallel.

June 2019

Although drought conditions continued throughout the spring in Southeast, lake levels improved slightly which allowed us to begin serving interruptible loads. As a result, the 3rd quarter Cost of Power Adjustment decreased slightly to 2.28 cents per kWh, effective July 1. Also, lower summertime rates are in effect from June to October. For residential customers, this means a 2.06 cent decrease per kWh on their bills in addition to the slight reduction in the COPA rate.

It’s important to note that the recent rainfall in Juneau does not always mean equal precipitation at Snettisham, where two-thirds of our energy comes from. For example, precipitation at Snettisham is 87% of normal, compared to Juneau precipitation which is 98% of normal for water year to date.

We have created the Generation Report below to keep customers informed on our current generation status. The graphic below shows where we are as of June 2019. As always, we are available to answer any questions or concerns. We can be reached at 780.2222 or by visiting the Contact Us page.

To view the 3rd quarter COPA filing with the Regulatory Commission of Alaska click here.

This report will be updated as conditions change.