1: Remittance Stub 

Your remittance stub includes your account number, customer number, and amount due. Be sure to include this section of the bill when paying in person or by mail.

2: Account Information

This section shows your account number and customer number. When you first sign up for service you are assigned a customer number. When you move into a location, you are assigned an account number specific to that current location.  Be sure to include your account number when making payments to ensure proper handling. Your account number will change if you move to a new location, but your customer number will not. This section also includes the service location, the statement date, the dates the billing period covers and the number of billing days in the billing cycle, ranging from 28-32. More days in a billing cycle usually means a higher bill.

3: Annual Usage Graph

This graph shows your current energy usage as it compares to the previous 12 months.

4: Meter Reading

This section shows your current meter readings and usage, as well as demand and power factor if applicable.

5: Temperature Average For Year

This section provides a comparison of average temperatures for this year and the previous year and can help explain fluctuations in your bill from this month to the same month last year.

6: Billing Message

You will find energy tips, useful information, and helpful hints in this section every month.

7: Deposit Information

Any deposit due or previously paid will show up in this section.

8: Current Billing Cycle

This section includes your usage charges for the current billing cycle, as well as other charges, credits and adjustments.  These current charges are due 26 days from the statement date.

9: Charge Summary

This bottom section provides a summary of all charges, adjustments and credits to your account during the current billing cycle.