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Safety always comes first. That's why our line and meter personnel receive continual and comprehensive training in the latest electrical safety procedures and first aid.

Our commitment to safety doesn't stop there. On a larger scale, here are some of the leading ways we put safety first. 

Our Vegetation Management program keeps trees and other vegetation a safe distance away from our power lines. Not only does this reduce outages, but it keeps our neighborhoods safe. Trees that grow into (or very close to) power lines can be a serious safety hazard to people on the ground. 

Our Avalanche Diversion program is a direct result of the 2008-2009 snow slides that cut Juneau off from our main source of hydropower at Snettisham. Currently, three massive avalanche diversion structures are strategically located along the Snettisham transmission line to protect our towers from a similar event and Juneau from a major outage. 

Water from the Salmon Creek Reservoir and its adjoining river flows into our plant next to Egan Highway. Because of this location, our Salmon Creek Dam Emergency Action Plan outlines safety procedures should the dam ever become compromised.