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From AEL&P's humble beginnings in 1893, when we had several dozen customers and the ability to power a maximum of 2,500 light bulbs, Alaska Electric Light and Power has grown to serve over 14,500 customers who consume more than 293 million kilowatt-hours of electrical energy each year. This makes AEL&P the largest investor-owned, or privately owned and financed electrical utility in Alaska, and the sixth largest utility in the state.

Investor-owned electrical utilities are common in the Lower 48, but they aren't in Alaska. Most Alaskan utilities are owned by the municipalities they serve, or they are publicly owned associations or cooperatives.

As a privately owned company, Alaska Electric Light and Power has had to rely entirely on sound business practices to manage the company and obtain the financing required to make the capital improvements needed to serve Juneau.

A natural benefit of this arrangement for AEL&P's customers is the constant effort by the Company to keep all expenses to an absolute minimum. Lower costs and overhead for us means lower rates for our customers.

Another customer benefit is our continual interest in our customers' thoughts and concerns. Routinely over the years, AEL&P has reminded its employees that consumers are customers, and they judge the company by the actions of the company and its employees. For example, in 1922 AEL&P General Manager Winfield Pullen wrote up a small card, entitled "Employee Service Guide." The card was a message to the employees to remind them that customers judge the company by the actions of the employees. His words to AEL&P employees were:

"Courtesy always pays and you are paid to be courteous. Never look upon a customer's complaint as a nuisance. If justified, it is a service to the company, but justified or not, it affords an opportunity for courteous service."

These words are just as true today. Your input provides AEL&P with the inspiration we need to improve our service and dependability to you, the customer.

For more than a century, Alaska Electric Light and Power has faithfully served the people of Juneau, making the wonders and promises of electricity a reality for our customers.

AEL&P is proud of its past and confident of its future.


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