1893 AEL&P is founded by Willis Thorpe.
1896 Thorpe sells AEL&P to J.P. Corbus, A.W. Corbus, J.F. Malony, and R. Duncan.
1898 The first hydro electric facility is completed by the Treadwell Company.
1905 AEL&P is incorporated.
1906 Fire destroys most of AEL&P's records.
1910 The Sheep Creek Power Plant is constructed by the Treadwell Company.
1911 The Alaska Gastineau Mining Company is organized by B. Thane.
1912 Juneau gets its first year-around hydro electric facility at Salmon Creek.
1914 Salmon Creek and Nugget Creek power houses are completed.
1915 Site for the Annex Creek Power House was determined.
1916 Annex Creek produces 4,000 HP.
1916 Jan. 26, a snow slide demolishes six steel towers at Annex Creek.
1917 Construction is completed on the AJ Steam Plant
1920s The Alaska Juneau Gold Mining Company (AJ) emerges.
1924 KFYU goes on the air.
1928 AJ purchases the Treadwell Group.
1934 AJ purchases the Alaska Gastineau Company.
1935 Annex Creek Dam is reopened.
1944 AJ closes.
1951 A 1,200 kW Enterprise Generator is purchased for Gold Creek.
1954 A second 1,200 kW Enterprise Generator is installed at Gold Creek.
1960 Nugget and Sheep Creek facilities are inoperative and in disrepair.
1962 City and Borough of Juneau renews the AEL&P franchise.
1967 The Lemon Creek Generating Plant is constructed.
1970 Conversion of the transmission and distribution system to a higher voltage begins.
1972 AEL&P purchases hydro facilities and mining claims from AJ Industries.
1973 Snettisham Hydro Plant completed.
1977 Nov. 1, AEL&P purchases Haines Light & Power Company.
1977-78 Annex Creek becomes automated and supplies about 10 percent of Juneau's energy needs.
1980 Fire breaks out in old AJ office attic; damage totals $60,000.
1980 Installed 17.5 MW Gas Turbine in Lemon Creek.
1982 Transmission is converted from 23kV to 69kV.
1982 Constructed the following 25 MVA Substations: Airport, Lemon Creek and West Juneau.
1982 Transmission is converted from 23kV to 69kV.
1983 Installed additional 17.5 MW Gas Turbine at Lemon Creek.
1983 Installed one 2500 KW diesel at Lemon Creek.
1984 Installed five 2500 KW diesels at Lemon Creek.
1984 A new hydro electric generating plant is constructed at Salmon Creek.
1989 GHEA assets purchased.
1990 Distribution is converted from 2.4kV to 12.5kV.
1993 The Lemon Creek Operations Center warehouse is constructed.  Loop Substation is reconstructed.  Solar Turbine at Auke Bay is purchased.
1993 AEL&P celebrates 100 years of service.
1994 Installed 22.3 MW Gas Turbine at Auke Bay.
1996 The Lemon Creek Operations Center is completed, consolidating engineering and business offices.
1996 Haines Electric Light and Power is purchased by Alaska Power and Telephone.
1998 Snettisham is purchased by the State.   AEL&P manages the project.
1999 Four new submarine cables are laid across Taku Inlet for the Snettisham Project.
2000 Currently rebuilding and extending the North Douglas transmission line.
2001 Completed construction of South Franklin St. Power Station and began providing shore power to converted Princess Cruise liners.


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