Hydro One and Avista Mutually Agree to Terminate Merger Agreement

April 4, 2018 •  Hydro One, Avista, CBJ reach settlement agreement:

Information about the Hydro One and Avista Corp. merger, and what it means for AEL&P.

In 2014, AEL&P was acquired by Avista Corp. On July 20th, 2017, Avista Corp. announced they will join forces with Hydro One, one of the best-managed electric transmission and distribution utilities in North America.

Will this affect you as an AEL&P customer? The short answer is that it won’t. It will be business as usual for AEL&P and our customers.

A few keys things to know:

    • The rates that you pay as an AEL&P customer will NOT change as a result of this transaction.
    • AEL&P’s day to day operations and employee structure will not change as a result of this transaction.
    • AEL&P will continue to operate as an independent company, just as it has since being acquired by Avista Corp. 3 years ago, and for the 121 years prior to that.
    • AEL&P will continue to be regulated by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA).

    10 Points Related to the Hydro One Acquisition of Avista, click the image below:

    To learn how the benefits of the Snettisham facility are preserved for the community of Juneau, click here


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    Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA) Information

    For the latest updates on the RCA docket pertaining to the Hydro One and Avista merger click the link below. Search for “Matter” number U-17-097

    Hydro One and Avista have responded to community comments and questions in a filing with the RCA that addresses topics including:

    • Snettisham
    • Interconnection
    • Rate credits
    • Renewable energy
    • Juneau’s energy future

    The response was developed to provide comprehensive, factual information and to thoroughly address the topics that are important to the community and that have been discussed in comments provided to the RCA. We hope you’ll find this information helpful and that you’ll gain a greater understanding of these topics as they relate to the proposed merger.

    You can read the summarized response from Hydro One and Avista to the RCA at the link below:

    You can read the full response from Hydro One and Avista by clicking the link below:

    RCA issues order number 2 in Hydro One / Avista Controlling Interest Docket. Public Conference to be held on Tuesday, 2/27 at 7 PM at Centennial Hall:

    Hydro One and Avista Joint response to JHI’s motion to strike and AIPPA’s request for additional public comment period:

    Hydro One and Avista’s Joint response to CBJ’s petition to intervene:

    RCA issues order number 3 which includes dissenting statements from commissioners Lisankie and Pauli: