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Power Protection for Your Home

Customers are responsible for the safe-keeping of their equipment.  This includes what’s inside your home as well as equipment for your electrical service entrance, which you own. It is imperative that you have adequate power protection for your appliances and electronics, such as surge suppressors. 

Electric Equipment: Who Owns What

Outlet-based surge protection

These devices are installed between the appliance and the electrical outlet to prevent surges from reaching your sensitive equipment.

Whole-home surge protection

By having a surge protector installed at your main circuit panel or meter, you safeguard your home’s entire electrical system. This includes wiring and appliances.

Below are two examples of whole home protection.

  • First Example  Surge Protective Devices mount inside your home’s main electric panel.  These devices often use two spaces inside the panel and should be installed by an electrician.  The devices themselves have a price range of $50-175 depending on how they mount and various features they offer. 
  • Second Example  Meter Surge Arresters mount between your existing meter socket and AELP’s electric meter.  These devices have a price range of $150-250 and can be purchased from Alcan Electric, Southeast Electric, Juneau Electronics, and possibly others.  After you purchase one of these devices and have it in hand, you can call AELP’s main office line at 907.780.2222, ask for the meter department, and schedule a time to have our meter department install the device for free. 

A few preventative measures can go a long way in protecting your home or business.

Call 907.463.6303 if you need tips on how best to protect your appliances and equipment or visit  https://www.aelp.com/Energy-Conservation/Power-Protection


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