Easy Pay Option

AEL&P can automatically take your payment right from your checking account on the day of the month that you request. You can also set a maximum total payment amount, and get email notifications throughout the process. Here's how to get started.

Download an Easy Pay Form: Authorize a maximum amount you want to have paid automatically with Easy Pay. AEL&P suggests you consider setting this at 25% over your highest bill. Note: Easy Pay will cover your bill up to the maximum payment you set. Any balance over the maximum must be paid "the old fashioned way" and by the due date on the bill to avoid late fees/finance charges.

Self-levelized option: If you want to pay the same amount every month, regardless of your bill amount, then you can set both the minimum and maximum dollar amount to your average monthly bill amount. Example: If your average bill amount is $150, enter $150 in both the minimum and maximum field. You will then pay that amount every month and level out your higher winter bills. To get your average bill amount call our office at 780-2222.

Pick a day of the month when your payment is to be automatically made. Make sure the date is well in advance of when AEL&P normally bills your account. Please understand that if your selected payment date occurs on a weekend or on a bank or AEL&P holiday, your payment will be made the first available business day following your selected payment date.

Send the completed authorization form to AEL&P along with a voided check. Pay your AEL&P statements as you do now until your statement indicates that your instructions have been implemented. This could take as many as two bills.

What happens next?

AEL&P will include a message on your statement when the statement is scheduled for automatic payment. You'll find it where you normally write in your payment amount.AEL&P will send an e-mail (if an e-mail address was supplied) to let you know the total amount of your bill when it's issued, and also when the automatic transaction is sent to your bank for processing.

Notes: If you need to know if a Payment has been charged against your bank account, you need to contact your bank.

In the case of an erroneous debit, you must contact your bank within sixty (60) days of receiving your account statement containing the error. Your bank must investigate and resolve the error within forty-five (45) days, but if it has not done so within ten (10) days, your account should be re-credited for the amount in question while your bank finishes the investigation.

If you need to change your arrangements with us, AEL&P needs to receive your written request at least three (3) working days prior to your payment date. Changes related to your maximum payment amount and payment date can also be made using this website. Click here to access My Accounts. Use your password to access your Easy Pay account information. Your billing statement is your official notification of electronic transactions and the status of your account. If you are requesting e-mail notification, understand that delivery problems can be beyond AEL&P’s control. If you change your e-mail address, change it using the My Accounts features on this website or contact us using the form below.

If you have additional questions, call Customer Service at (907) 780-2222, or email us via the contact form below.