Between Tenant Agreement

Please visit our Power Protection page to review customer responsibility prior to signing up for service.

A Between Tenants Agreement (BTA) offers landlords a way to automatically maintain service without interruption during times when units are vacant. When a tenant notifies us that they are moving, an account with a BTA automatically reverts to the landlord's name until a new tenant signs up for service.

If AEL&P must end a tenant's service due to non-payment, we will notify the landlord in writing. In the case of a Full BTA, service will be placed into the landlord's name. The landlord may request to discontinue power on a case-by-case basis by contacting our office. If no contact is made, the account will be placed into the landlord's name and written notification of the action will be sent.

Our tariff provides for opening one new account within a 12-month period without paying a connection fee. Additional accounts are charged a $10 fee each. Another advantage of the BTA is that this charge is waived due to the automated process.

To see if you qualify for a BTA at your rental property, come by our Lemon Creek office or call (907) 780-2222, fax (907) 780-3571, or email via the contact form below.

Between Tenant Agreement Form