Flume Repairs and Closures


Flume Update: July 19, 2019 

AEL&P has made good progress on the Flume project. The trail is expected to reopen in early October. 

Please note: due to some unforeseen delivery issues, sections of the flume will not yet be reconstructed which means part of the trail will transition from boardwalk down to ground level via stairs. 

The project will resume in spring 2020.


The Gold Creek Flume, built in the early 1900’s, is showing its age. Shifting and settling of the structure has caused leakage, reduced efficiency, and raised safety concerns. Due to this, AEL&P will be refurbishing the flume in 2019 and 2020. AEL&P’s goal is to maintain this valued, historic project while ensuring safe and reliable conditions that allow us to provide renewable energy to Juneau customers, as well as allow CBJ Parks and Rec to preserve recreational access for you and your families well into the future.

Between the months of April and September, the flume will be CLOSED to recreational access while repairs are underway. To ensure everyone’s safety, please observe all notices and stay clear of all closed areas.

We greatly appreciate your understanding as we work to ensure that the flume trail continues to serve the Juneau community’s needs for many years to come.