Popular trail reopens

Attention hikers!

April 30, 2014 -- The Salmon Creek trail -- which was closed after a snow slide washed out a section of the trail last January -- is now open.  A temporary detour around the damaged area, which has been marked with barriers, now allows hikers to continue safely up the trail to the Salmon Creek Upper Powerhouse.  From there, hikers can connect to the penstock and upper trail until it terminates at the Salmon Creek reservoir.  Repair work on the damaged area of the trail is expected to begin in August.

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History:  The popular Salmon Creek Trail is a combination road bed and typical Southeast Alaska trail which ends at the Salmon Creek Dam.  The dam was completed in 1914 by the Alaska Gastineau Mining Co., to provide hydroelectric power for its mine and mill.  Salmon Creek Dam was one of the world's first constant-angle dams, and was the tallest of its type in the world at the time it was built.  The creek was originally called "Tilhini" meaning "dog" salmon in the Tlingit language.

The original lower trail was replaced with a road in 1984, which was used in the construction of the new penstock when the Salmon creek Hydroelectric Project was reconstructed.  The Salmon Creek Hydro Project is regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and is operated and maintained by AEL&P.  The Salmon Creek project generates about six percent of Juneau's electric need.

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