The Alaska Gastineau Mill was completed in 1915, and both the Salmon Creek and Annex Creek Hydro Projects were built to power this mill.  This mill used innovative techniques for crushing the gold ore.  Rather than stamps, as were used at all the other gold mines in the area, the Gastineau Mill used gyratory, jaw, and roll crushers, as well as tube mills to crush the ore.  The crushers, conveyors and other plant equipment were powered with electric motors.  Total power needed for the mine and mill was originally estimated at 6,000 horsepower.  The mill's capacity was expanded and ultimately needed 12,000 horsepower, which is why the mine needed to construct the powerplant at Annex Creek after Salmon Creek was completed.

The Gastineau Mill closed in 1921 and never reopened.  Its remnants are still visible on the hill above Thane Road.


Alaska Gastineau Mill


Alaska Gastineau Mill


Crushers in Alaska Gastineau Mill


Tube Mills in the Alaska Gastineau Mill