Alaska Natives on the Taku River, ca. 1913-1939


(Alaska State Library, Trevor M. Davis Photograph Collection, ASL-P97-0008)

The Taku River was the original home of the T'aakú Kwáan Tlingit. Taku Inlet and the Taku River were used by the T'aakú Kwáan Tlingit for village settlements, hunting, gathering, fishing, and fish-camp sites. The Taku river also provided an important travel and trade route to the Interior. In the vicinity of the Annex Creek Project, Sunny Cove, at the mouth of Carlson Creek, was identified as a Tlingit village site, as was Point Bishop.

Clans that make up the T'aakú Kwáan include Yanyeidí, Tsaateeneidí, and S'eet'kweidí in the Eagle Moiety, and Gaanax.ádi, Ishkeetaan, Kookhittaan, and Tooka.ádi in the Raven Moiety.