A new history began July 1, 2014, when AEL&P -- as part of Alaska Energy and Resources Company -- was acquired by Avista Corp., of Spokane, Wash.

At that moment, the oldest regulated electric utility in Alaska joined with an established and major company involved in the production, transmission and distribution of energy for eastern Washington, northern Idaho and parts of southern and eastern Oregon.

As we look forward to an exciting future with  Avista, we do not forget our century of service that began earnestly enough in 1893 with a simple water wheel. Below you'll find some of the major events that took place in our more than 100 years of service. 

The years of 1951 - 1960

year:  1960

Nugget & Sheep Creek

Nugget and Sheep Creek facilities inoperative and in disrepair

year:  1959


Alaska becomes 49th state

year:  1954

Second Gold Creek Enterprise Generator

Second 1200 kW Enterprise generator installed at Gold Creek

year:  1951

Gold Creek Enterprise Generator

1200 kW Enterprise generator purchased for Gold Creek